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Scam baiter or a Scam artist.. @Neep scambaiter

https://neepscambaiting.com/|| https://scammer.info/

A Classic example of Scam, shamelessness, blackmailing followed by harassment. So this low life scam artists calls him a scam baiter. Below is the contact info. this is being done to save all his future victims. here is his Modus Operandi.

He will post some malicious information regarding a scam on his site, youtube and everywhere. He will make false accusations for your company and then illegally upload the pictures and Id's on the post which is a crime itself. He will then call from a number from UK, Pakistan and even uses Nigerian numbers and then demand money to delete pictures or to delete the post. He is a keyboard warrior and has a nihilistic attitude with no respect for anyone's privacy or dignity. All his youtube videos point to India when the whole world knows that 419 originated from Nigeria. He targets women specifically and tries to get blackmail if not for money, then sexual favor's. We have been baiting him for some time now and will release all the recorded phone calls and chats for this guy. Calls himself Neep and says is a German. I am convinced he is from Pakistan and is working for ISI and targeting Indians. He has been reported to Ministry of defence and hopefully will be banned from India soon.

Email: info@neepscambaiting.com

Phone: +1 (616) 294-9417

WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram: +1 (616) 294-9417 Discord: NeeP#6262

Twitter: @NeePscambaiting

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