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Damecoins.uk is a scam part 2

Further to the post written by me on 15 May, here are the new developments

Complete chat history can be found here :


In reference to the post written by me and the issue reported on 15th May 2021, I received a response from the support asking me to respond in detail about the issue at hand. This response on Trust pilot was just for show and no further action was taken on the account. Further, after multiple attempts by me on chat support, the agent had no answer. I am sharing the screenshots of the chat on my blog post. Unable to share the link URL for the blog due to Trust pilot policy. So, as reported by other users, the support team takes you on for a ride in a circle with no end. They will be asking you for more and more information with no solution. They indulge in false advertising wherein the crypto prices do not match the actual end order. In simple words, the crypto price would indicate good amount of btc for 400$. Whereas the end order will indicate a different price for btc which would be much lesser than the rate first advertised to you. This is a clear indication of the scam. Please check the support response on the chat and you will find the response as hilarious. The chat support agent requested me for info as kyc which was properly provided. Below info was provided to them: You should only request the withdrawal by this means providing the following requirements:1) You must send a photo of your passport.2) a photo of the card used for the purchase tampered with the digits and only revealing the last 4.3) A photo of you holding the used card in one hand and a piece of paper in the other that says (Sami R. H.) with the current date.4) A photo of you the same as the previous one but holding a blank paper and you looking to the side.5) The address where you live, telephone number and a bank account address to which we can send bonuses or extras for purchases of cryptocurrencies and any refund.6) The address of the wallet to send and the exact amount.7) A service receipt certifying the address where you reside. The chat agent then thanked me for kyc and suggested me to wait for 24-48 hrs to receive crypto at the address provided. Next, I started chat after 4 days of no response from them. The agent talks about movement and proof of purchase. I sent him the screenshot for the "movements" tab on their site which clearly shows the amount and date of purchase. I am unable to download the receipt or use any other option on the "movements" page. I tell the support agent that it's a scam and that the "movements" tab doesn't work. He thanked for pointing this out and said that he would report this to the development team. No help or satisfactory answer provided by him. Please check the screenshots of the chat on the blog post. I will now contacting them again and again and will posts the results here. Its high time that someone took a stand against them and prove that the scam they are running against crypto buyers does not go unchecked. It will be reported and people would be made aware of the same. Hopefully, it will save people from similar scams in the future. I know it will require time from my end and resources and I am ready to put both to I get my money back or atleast save someone from being scammed in future. The complete chat screenshots can be found here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1eq8_RSpCbT48HEzifc_nyNB02mF0IQG8

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