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Damecoins is a scam

www.damecoins.com are a big time fraud. I have been scammed by them as well. I consider myself tech savvy and still was not able to save myself from being their victim. I just bought 410$ of crypto from this company, and they have given me tons of issues. First of all, I got about 20% less crypto for my money than they advertised, which they blame on fees, which are not mentioned on their website. I am unable to withdraw or send btc to any address. After much time and effort, I was able to sell btc and it gave me just 266$. So 400$ converted to 266$ and on top of that I am unable to withdraw the money as it is very low.

After much research on the internet, I found that i am not the only one. Many people have been duped of their hard earned money. Damecoins is a total scam, designed to fraud. They aim to squeeze you at the maximum, and when they understand you realize it’s a scam, they block your account. Pease click on the below link to find out how many people have fallen a prey to their scam:

Damecoins Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www.damecoins.com (trustpilot.com)

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